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70th Golden Globes: Predictions, Winners, Yada Yada…

Every year I look forward to the Golden Globe Awards. Why? Beats the hell outta me. I mean, really. Do these rich bastards really need more applause…more gushing…more congratulations? Hell no. But yet, like a fly to shit…I am drawn to the fabulousness, glamour and fantasies about my own acceptance speeches.

I would like to thank all of those assholes who called me bucky and jock-itch. I would like to thank all those guys for dumping me like a ton of bricks over…and over…and over. I would like to thank all those people who thought I was just a weirdo who wanted attention. And most of all I would like to thank that plastic surgeon who said I should just accept my Wisconsin body and be happy with the midwestern life. This award goes to all those asshats out there with a big ole side of screw you……….

They like me!!! They really like me…….

Heather…wake up. Heather!! HEATHER – WAKE THE HELL UP!!

Shit. Sorry guys. (yawn)

Anywho…I admit that I do like some of the award ceremonies. Oscars, Emmys and my favorite, Golden Globes. The GGs are always more entertaining. I am pretty sure they are served alcohol during the show and that has got to make a world of difference. The speeches are often humorous which is a major bonus. And I like that it celebrates television AND film.

So ok, ok, ok…while clearly I have not watched EVERYthing nominated, I have watched quite a few. And I will now give to you my winner predictions. If I am spot on accurate – feel free to send me some sort of award.

**When I started this post, it was my intention to have it published before the show, I mean…duh..makes sense, right? But Wordpress was being super weird and would not save or publish anything so I had to re-do much of the post. Very frustrating. So I decided to incorporate the prediction blog with the review blog. So this will be long – my apologies.

The Big Screen

Best Picture, Drama

Argo, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty

(did not see Django or Pi)

My prediction: Zero Dark Thirty

My Choice: Argo

Winner: Argo

My Take: Zero Dark Thirty WAS quite good. And I feel that it is more of an Academy choice…more popular and sensational. But for some reason I feel I like Argo just a tad more. Argo didn’t have the assistance of gorgeous costumes or brilliant special effects. This film took a story out of recent history – added some additional nuances for entertainment value and laid it out there with only the might of writing, direction and acting. And I gotta tell ya, I love a movie that can make you sit on the edge of your seat AND provide burst of laughter. Argo really surprised me. Affleck really surprised me. And while I really liked ZDT as well – I did find Argo to have more than one level of entertainment and I guess I just like the story better. And I did also like Lincoln. I liked it a lot. But just did not grab me like Argo did. It was so hyped that perhaps I was expecting more out of Lincoln.

Needless to say, I am thrilled about the choice – but really quite surprised. And it was clear that many people in that theater last night were also surprised. I heard gasps and saw looks of confusion when the winner was announced. I think this is great and deserved for Affleck (who also won best director!!).

P.S. Creepy, fun fact: Affleck looks SO much like my dad did in the 70s…


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Flight (2012) – A Review

Daaannnngggg. Well, I must say…this movie was far better than I had expected. I was never super excited about seeing it and didn’t even know what it was really about (what is with studios and their marketing lately…they only give decent advertising to the crappiest films). Denzel Washington is certainly deserving of his Oscar nod and I am not one of those people who gush over everything he does (cough cough…Mom…).

Since this is my first movie review on this site, I will warn you that there MAY be spoilers from time to time. BUT they will be fairly insignificant if at all. I really do try to keep it vague because there is nothing worse than knowing everything about the movie you are going to see. When trailers basically show the entire film – ugh – annoying. So, please know that I will be writing these with that in mind.

So…in the end, when he dies…

Tee hee…I kid.

Flight isn’t the next Godfather or Casablanca. But it was definitely compelling, captivating and well acted. Based on a true story, Flight is about an alcoholic commercial pilot who finds himself in a very dangerous and traumatic situation. Most of the movie is about what happens after that event, how he reacts to it and the consequences.

This film is essentially a biographic movie about the life of Whip Whitaker – but during only one very pivotal moment in his life. We are brought into his world of excess and disease. And we see how alcoholism can wrap its tentacles around a person and control their every decision. We also witness a perfect example of a “functioning” alcoholic. Continue reading

Oscar Nods – A Few Notes

A couple brief notes on the Oscar nominations which were announced this morning. I will be back later with my Golden Globe predictions. Have a swell day.


1. Emma Stone. Girl, you are gorgeous. But you were more gorgeous AND a better role model before you gave in to Hollywood bullshit and became a stick figure. Eat a burger, darlin’, I am worried about you.



2. When Bradley Cooper gets a nod above Anthony Hopkins for his Hitchcock role is when I know the Oscars suck.



3. I very much approve (because I am sure they care) of Denzel’s nod. He was excellent in Flight.



4. It is very frustrating when a nominated film apparently doesn’t exist. I would love to see The Master (if that IS the real title…) but apparently you can only see it if you live in cool cities. Maybe they think middle America won’t get it. Over our heads perhaps. Dear Studio, we get the concept of eccentric lunatics.  We have them here too…only with less teeth.

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