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A Carb-Free Miracle, For Reals

I am not sure if I believe in miracles…but I will scream from the rooftop about these Miracle Noodles. Well, maybe I will just blog about it instead. I have quite the fear of heights and let’s face it – people already think I’m nuts.

Now, there ARE a few steps to follow and it will never be, feel or taste EXACTLY like pasta noodles. Get real if you’re living in THAT world. But I will assure you, I am a picky bitch when it comes to my grub and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

These “noodles” are made from a very high fiber plant grown in Asia often referred to as konjac. They are virtually calorie and carb free. No fat. No dyes. No gluten. This particular fiber (called glucomannan) is said to have many health benefits. It is also very filling which helps for dieting and calorie control.
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Dewey’s Restaurant & Sports Bar – Racine, WI

019When a new restaurant opens in Racine, I mentally jump up and down clapping my hands like a kid at Disney World.  Alright, so maybe it isn’t just mentally. But who can blame me?? It is not very often that we get something new which isn’t the old same ole chain eateries. Plus, I likey my food.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to trying out Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar on the corner of 6th and Main Streets in Downtown Racine. And after several weeks of its doors opening, I finally tried it out last Saturday afternoon.

It was pretty slow, but that is what I expected for a late afternoon lunch. Upon walking in there is a full bar to the right and tables (no booths) throughout the large room. Exposed brick, many flat screen TVs, a wall of display windows and high ceilings gave it a contemporary but cold look and feel. It just felt…well…new. Even the coffee station in the back of the room was merely a folding table with boxes stored beneath it.

We weren’t sure at first if we were suppose to chose our own table or wait to be seated. There was no sign and no one acknowledged us until we decided to just sit at the bar – which itself was very nice. I also noticed the carved wooden coasters were made in the USA. Cool.

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