A Carb-Free Miracle, For Reals

I am not sure if I believe in miracles…but I will scream from the rooftop about these Miracle Noodles. Well, maybe I will just blog about it instead. I have quite the fear of heights and let’s face it – people already think I’m nuts.

Now, there ARE a few steps to follow and it will never be, feel or taste EXACTLY like pasta noodles. Get real if you’re living in THAT world. But I will assure you, I am a picky bitch when it comes to my grub and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

These “noodles” are made from a very high fiber plant grown in Asia often referred to as konjac or shirataki. They are virtually calorie and carb free. No fat. No dyes. No gluten. This particular fiber (called glucomannan) is said to have many health benefits. It is also very filling which helps for dieting and calorie control.

I have seen several different brands and shapes and versions of these noodles. Some have added tofu (I have not tried these) and some are spinach flavored. I have seen angel hair, fettuccine and rice (to name a few). Pick n Save used to carry them, but have not in the past few months. I did see a number of options at Woodman’s. I just decided to buy from Amazon for now.

When prepared according to instructions (and there are various instructions to be found in web-land – so experiment and figure out which way works best for you) these noodles soak up the flavor of whatever sauce tops them. There is a bit of a calamari texture, but I was used to it by the third bite and now don’t even notice. I have heard there are several ways of getting rid of that texture, but I have been too lazy to detour from my typical process.

This is what I do…

Open the water filled bagged in which they are packaged.

Dump the noodles into a colander.

Rinse for a few minutes with cold water – move ’em around and really get them rinsed.

Using a DRY pan, saute the noodles without ANY other ingredient. I use a ceramic pan and I cook them until the moisture seems to disappear – usually about 5-8 minutes. I think this is longer than the directions suggest, but I find the longer you do this – the less rubbery they seem.

Then I simply add whatever sauce or ingredients I want. Usually I use a red sauce. I also have added them to Lean Cuisines to make them more filling (the ones with pasta and sauce). But there are many ways you can flavor these up. You can find recipes HERE and HERE and HERE


Feel full.

Have a little less dessert.

Goodnight, nurse.


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