Thank You Pat Peterson with Your Funky Self

If any of you knew me 10, 12, 14 years ago, you may remember my infatuation with a (somewhat) local band called The Pipe Circus. Whenever they were in Racine I just had to see them. And when I did I would dance and dance my little bootie off even if I was the only one on the dance floor. It’s true, I had no shame. I was obsessed. I even made sure their CD (which I think was mine) stayed in the George’s jukebox for as long as possible.

This morning I woke up to some very sad news when I watched this broadcast on WTMJ-4 news. Excerpt below:

Pat’s been in and out of treatment for 3 years battling brain cancer. Doctors recently told him the cancer has spread, and he has just a few weeks to live. He just turned 40.

“We’ve come to just appreciate each moment we can spend together,” Ruth says….

Pat’s last wish is to have his song ‘Long Road’ seen around the world. “I love this song. It was… it just is what it is,” he explains.

Ruth posted the song on YouTube. While it’s been seen by tens of thousands of people so far, the message is deeply personal.

“It was something he wrote right after we found out about the tumor, and it was I think dedicated more towards me, and a way to say he was sorry for maybe all the mistakes he’s made in the past,” Ruth says….

“It’s not often you have the foresight to know your days are numbered, and you need to do all those things you need to do to make yourself feel good, and confident you’ve done what you’ve done on this earth,” Ruth explains.

Anyone touched by this story, both businesses and fans of Pat’s work, can help by sharing his viral music campaign. Contact Innabeat Music at to find out more about how to participate.

My heart goes out to Pat, Ruth and their entire family – including their family of friends. As many of you know – I do not deal with death very well. To see how dignified and at peace they seem to be in the face of this difficulty (to put it way too fucking mildly)…is nothing short of fantastically impressive and inspiring.

I cannot thank Pat enough for the music which brought so much enjoyment to my life during a pretty lonely time. Whether it was blasting the CD in my little apartment with all the windows down or gettin’ down with my bad self during one of their shows – the sheer talent and upbeat sound always brought me out of my funk WITH a little funk. Thank you, Pat. You and your music will never be forgotten.

This is the video Pat would like to make viral…please help by sharing this wherever you can.

This morning, after watching the news, I went into my closet to find my TPC paraphenalia…

Here is a poster I made them sign when they played at McAuliffe’s in…I am thinking it was…1999??

TPC Poster

Here is a tank top that clearly no longer fits me…and yes, I am suckin’ it in…

TPC Tank2

And below is a few links to some of their shows and music…please enjoy…

The Pipe Circus preforming on The Jenny Jones Show…

Robstock 2005

The Urban Theater

Summerfest 2011

Pat and TPC have a lot of great videos on YouTube…so please check them out!!!

And here is a player with some of their tunes. I think my favorite is Funky Sexy Lady…


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