Flight (2012) – A Review


Daaannnngggg. Well, I must say…this movie was far better than I had expected. I was never super excited about seeing it and didn’t even know what it was really about (what is with studios and their marketing lately…they only give decent advertising to the crappiest films). Denzel Washington is certainly deserving of his Oscar nod and I am not one of those people who gush over everything he does (cough cough…Mom…).

Since this is my first movie review on this site, I will warn you that there MAY be spoilers from time to time. BUT they will be fairly insignificant if at all. I really do try to keep it vague because there is nothing worse than knowing everything about the movie you are going to see. When trailers basically show the entire film – ugh – annoying. So, please know that I will be writing these with that in mind.

So…in the end, when he dies…

Tee hee…I kid.

Flight isn’t the next Godfather or Casablanca. But it was definitely compelling, captivating and well acted. Based on a true story, Flight is about an alcoholic commercial pilot who finds himself in a very dangerous and traumatic situation. Most of the movie is about what happens after that event, how he reacts to it and the consequences.

This film is essentially a biographic movie about the life of Whip Whitaker – but during only one very pivotal moment in his life. We are brought into his world of excess and disease. And we see how alcoholism can wrap its tentacles around a person and control their every decision. We also witness a perfect example of a “functioning” alcoholic.

Don Cheadle & John Goodman co-star and while their parts are small, they were great – as usual. John Goodman is hilarious and played the role perfectly. Melissa Leo, winner of a Supporting Actress Oscar in 2011 for The Fighter, played a very small role and was barely noticeable. And Kelly Reilly played Denzel’s girlfriend and while her character was pretty subdued,  she was very believable as a struggling heroin addict trying to get her life together. Truthfully, it would be difficult for any supporting cast member to shine in this movie which really only spotlighted the main character.

And the soundtrack rocks. Period.

While watching, you will find yourself debating between right and wrong; crime and punishment. You may root for those who seem less undeserving. You may hate the characters with whom others find sympathy. Not everyone will have the same reactions to the story but I think everyone will enjoy the movie.

Denzel plays this role faultlessly and the crash scene is incredibly suspenseful.  You will also laugh a few times. Fascinating and entertaining – I am really fond of this flick. I give it 3 out of 5 popcorns (and like my restaurant reviews…nothing gets a 5. When and if that ever happens, I will MAKE you see that movie).

3 Popcorn


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