Oscar Nods – A Few Notes

A couple brief notes on the Oscar nominations which were announced this morning. I will be back later with my Golden Globe predictions. Have a swell day.






1. Emma Stone. Girl, you are gorgeous. But you were more gorgeous AND a better role model before you gave in to Hollywood bullshit and became a stick figure. Eat a burger, darlin’, I am worried about you.




2. When Bradley Cooper gets a nod above Anthony Hopkins for his Hitchcock role is when I know the Oscars suck.






3. I very much approve (because I am sure they care) of Denzel’s nod. He was excellent in Flight.







4. It is very frustrating when a nominated film apparently doesn’t exist. I would love to see The Master (if that IS the real title…) but apparently you can only see it if you live in cool cities. Maybe they think middle America won’t get it. Over our heads perhaps. Dear Studio, we get the concept of eccentric lunatics.  We have them here too…only with less teeth.





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